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9 months

Pit Mix





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A vet reference and home visit will be required. 

Precious Rose is full of energy. She loves to play with dogs her own size. She's a little clumsy around smaller dogs. She lives to run, play ball, and play in puddles. She does dig in the yard, she's getting better, but I still catch her sometimes. She still has potty accidents in the house, but very few now. She is kennel trained, I just say, in your bed, and give her a hoove or bone, a toy and a kong with peanut butter inside, with water hooked on the side of her kennel. It must be a strong wire kennel, she is very strong, she can bend the bars and escape. She does not potty in her kennel, unless she's sick. She will jump up at you in excitement for a while, if she's been shut in there for a long time. She loves Purina busy bones, soft treats and animal crackers. She loves to sleep with you, and has to be touching you, either with her head across your feet, or snuggled up next to you. She does like to chew anything wood, but getting better with that too. I have not had her around children, but don't recommend her around small children, as she's hyper, and may knock them over accidently. She is leash trained, but is still a little skittish when she sees a car, people or another animal while walking.she is almost 9 months now.