We are a 501c3 animal rescue group based in Southern Mississippi focused on helping pit bulls and pit bull mixes. However we will not discriminate breeds and will help those in need.

We believe that pit bulls-whether they be pit bull terriers, American Staffies, or any mix breed pit - deserve a helping hand.


This is what we do!

Sebastian was on WXXV Wednesday after he was found tied to a tree deep in the woods.
Today Sebastian went to the vet thanks to your donations BUT as you can see in the photos, his teeth are horrible. He needs 16 teeth extracted next week.
In the photos you see his canine teeth are all broken off with exposed roots. His incisors look like they are all gone BUT they are there but worn down below the gum line.
We need to raise $1200 dollars for his dental surgery before he can find his forever home.
Sabastian is fully trained and under weight but he has an amazing foster family!

We learned a lot more about Sebastian from a fellow dog advocate and volunteer Hannah yesterday.
These are photos from LAST SUMMER of Sebastian at a local shelter. He was brought there by animal control in this condition when he was found him TIED TO A TREE.
He went into a foster home and was eventually adopted in October.
(Nothing can be disclosed about the adopter. That is not info a shelter can give out. At this point it is about Sebastian and his new life)
The point of sharing these photos is important because it shows all this guy has been through...Tied to a tree 2 times yet he is so full of love and happiness. He knows he is safe, warm and soon to be out of pain.
The other reason is to show that there are citizens in our community that are tired of seeing animal neglected and abused in our local community daily!
At some point Sebastian had a home that spent time to train him. He knows sit, wait, shake and is so gentle and sweet.
His foster family David Snyder has sent us updates since he brought him home. Loves his kids, good with his other dogs and leaves the cat alone
Once his donation goal is met and he has recovered from surgery he will be ready for the perfect home and trust me when I say JUST CAUSE -Helping Local South MS Pits will make sure it’s the perfect family
Thank you everyone for helping Sebastian and to David and people like him that run to a dog in need.

Here is his story in case you missed it 😁
Sebastian was first found tied to a tree severely emaciated last summer by an animal control
officer. He was fostered through HSSM then when his foster period was over he was back at the
shelter and didn't handle it well at all.
Eventually, he was adopted from the shelter.
Fast forward to this January... Sebastian was found tied to a tree AGAIN!
He went to a home to be fostered and JUST CAUSE -Helping Local South MS Pits paid for his
vet bill that day to get him heartworm tested, treated for his flea allergy and to see just how bad
of shape his mouth was in and what would need to be done to deal with his teeth.
Unfortunately, his foster could not foster him any longer so he then became a Just Cause dog
and came to my house as my new foster kid.
After we raised over $1200 for his care (thank you to everyone that donated) Seby had all 16
canine and incisor teeth pulled since they were worn down to the roots and some below the gum
Seby had all those painful teeth pulled and has become a TOTALLY DIFFERENT DOG! Free of
pain, safe and loved he began to show me just how loving and happy he is even after all the hell
and I am sure ABUSE he has suffered.
The first 3 weeks with me we worked on trust and I had to prove to him I would not hurt him.
SO NOW SEBY IS ALL HEALED and ready for his forever home!
Here is everything I have learned from this guy over the last 6 weeks:
-Seby is about 35lbs, heartworm negative and has a ProHeart heartworm injection that will last
until Mid July.
-This guy knows how to sit, wait, shake and leave it!
-Seby is house and kennel trained. Like most dogs, he might need an adjustment period when
adopted, when he first came to my house he barked when I left him but over time that has
-Since he has no front teeth, it would be better for Seby to be in a home with no dogs or dogs
that are older and very chill. He loves to play but with no teeth to defend himself, he needs a
special doggie companion.
-Seby was fine with cats at his first foster home.
-He no longer needs soft food, this boy is eating bones, hard food and hard treats.
-Seby just wants to snuggle. This guy will lay by your side all day and nap and relax with you!
-He loves walks, he and I walk a mile each morning. I will show his future family the best way to
walk seby on a leash. I am not sure he had ever been on a leash before and taught how to not
If there is anything else you would like to know please send me a message!
To adopt Seby or meet him fill out an application at